I am a natural healer with a personal training, health & fitness background and I'm very knowledgeable in anatomy & energetic healing. I am also skilled in deep tissue, accupressure, Thai, and therapeutic massage. I have over 6 years of massage experience and I'm mobile if that suits you best. I am excellent at releasing troublesome spots, helping free the body from stuck energy + rebalancing the body. Regular massage is essential to helping the body stay in balance and free from tension along with various other lifestyle choices. Feel free to reach out to see if we are a great fit.


    Rate: $100/hour, $150 for 90 minutes, $200 for 2 hours

          above prices are for my location in Mar Vista


Disclaimer: Energetic healing massage may become addictive and is therefore not suggested more than once per week. j/k

Shaun Ryan Masseur
Energy Healer


Call for an appointment in the Los Angeles,California area:



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