After studying health, fitness & nutrition for decades I've found what works. I don't believe in dieting, I believe in adapting a healthy lifestyle with healthy habits. If we work out 5 hours a week, what you do in the other 163 hours are going to determine the results we get. Here are some key points I'm passionate about that will help you attain your fitness goals & resources to make the most of your efforts in & out of the gym. Click the text or graphic for the resource.


balance Whole Earth & Sea I have always been a fan of taking a Whole Food supplement to ensure you're getting all the nutrients your body needs: It's sustainably sourced for quality. If you've got a little space outside & interest to grow your own whole food: TOWER GARDEN

balance PROBIOTICS Builds & maintains immune function and regulates overall health. Healthy microflora in your gut has been shown to have a direct impact on mood, emotional stressors and brain function. Dubbed the 2nd brain, hence the visceral term "gut feeling".

balance The only way to a healthy life is through a healthy digestive tract. I highly recommend a COLON CLEANSE which can easily be done with activated charcoal. After that I suggest a LIVER & GALLBLADDER CLEANSE, here's another option I like: JON BARRON'S.

balance Must-Have supplement for exercise and overall health: High Quality, High Energy, Pure Supplements.  SUNWARRIOR carries an incredible line of products and I love so many of them so I became a retailer for their supplements. Their Classic Plus Protein has a blend of vegan sources of protein designed to meet all of your protein needs. Taking this prior to or after your workout can enhance muscle strength, growth and fat burn when part of a healthy overall diet.

balance Best investment for your longevity: QUALITY WATER. I'm not a fan of buying bottled water because it often isn't the quality you need/want and the plastic often has toxins (even if BPA-free) and ultimately isn't environment-friendly. A distiller is the most feasible way to obtain quality water free of the multitude of impurities & toxins that are in our public water supply, you need to add minerals back in though to make sure the water doesn't act as an astringent in your body. An under the counter, or on the counter, Reverse Osmosis system will work as well although it is not my best suggestion.

balance Your INDOOR AIR QUALITY Improving your air quality may improve your quality of life and alleviate disease & allergies.

balance TOP 10 SUPERFOODS: E3 Live, steamed Kale, Organic Raw Coconut Oil, Sunwarrior Classic Plus Protein, Sunwarrior Omega-3 with DHA + EPA (more bioavailable then fish-sourced), Green Vegetable Juice, Lentils w/raw seaweed (or kitchari with lentils + millet).Coconut Yogurt or Kefir, Raw Organic Almonds, Avocado.

balance FRONT RUNNING The New York Times sums it up well: The lost secret of perfect running. Much better for your body, easier on your joints and a more efficient way to run.

I'm a huge fan of Stronger Faster Healthier, they have high-quality super healthy products:


               An Article by Shaun on Breakfast, Fasting, Carbs, Crunches, a recipe, & More:

Beverly Hills Times Magazine

Analyze & track your Goals :

SuperTracker can help you plan, analyze, and track your diet and physical activity.

Everything we ingest adds to or takes away from our quality of life; summed up well by Lifestar:


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      balance Thee best way to get the most out of your workouts & life and a cure for asthma is NOSE BREATHING. Most people breathe           in and out of their mouth when they exercise which bypasses a handful of key functions that only the nose knows how to handle.

      balance Boost Your Metabolism, Curb Cancer, and Slash Blood Sugar with these Easy Culinary Tricks: HEALING HERBS

      balance Most Sunscreens do the opposite of what your intention is by putting them on: NON TOXIC SUNSCREENS

      balance The gateway to your health: your Mouth. Keep it clean and out of the dentist's office: OIL PULLING DETOX

      balance Eating high quality vegetables is a given in any healthy diet; here's a way to supercharge them for your well-being: HOW TO            MAKE COST-EFFECTIVE SUPERFOODS

      balance Keep thouse unhealthy chemicals out of you & your families lives for good: NATURAL HOUSE CLEANING

      balance All you need is an exercise ball (and a clean diet or super genetics) to have ABs: SIMPLE YET EFFECTIVE AB EXERCISES

      balance Here's a great way to get involved in your local fitness Community: ACTIVE.COM

      balance I really enjoyed this article so much I feel it's worth sharing; some great ideas on getting back to your core self (not just for           Actors): GREAT STEPS IN SIMPLY BEING

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