I am a natural healer with a personal training and holistic health & fitness background. Which has made me very knowledgeable and well-versed in anatomy & energetic healing. I'm also skilled in deep tissue, acupressure, Thai, Swedish/therapeutic, and Sports, massage. I have over 8 years of massage experience and I am mobile (if that suits you best). My forte is releasing troublesome spots by helping to free the muscles from blocked or stuck energy, and re-balancing the body. My work with clients is always like a dance to me; each massage has it's own flow and rhythm and is very unique as I work with whatever energies are present and in need of attention most depending on our time-frame. I encourage you to book the longest time you can manage as this will only enable our work together to deepen.

Regular massage is excellent self-care so feel free to reach out to see if we're a great fit.


    Rate: $180 for 1 hour, $250 for 90 minutes, $300 for 2 hours



(prices include tip, organic oils, natural sheets.)


Disclaimer: Energetic healing massage may become addictive and is therefore not suggested more than once per week. :-)

Shaun Ryan Masseur
Energy Healer


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